Robert Sveb

Robert Sveb

Traditional media companies can win digital

Future of Media Leaders' Summit 2018 that was held in Doha recently, delivered some pretty interesting discussions about how emerging technologies will shape media industry even further. Experts and professionals from respected media companies like BBC or Al Jazeera together with technology giants like Microsoft and Google and with many others shared their visions and thinking about Cloud in media applications and how far AI will go in media production.

Marquis' Senior Partner, Robert Sveb had been given a privilege to moderate and lead discussions with distinguished panellists in two sessions about technical aspects of Cloud in media use and, even more interesting, about AI in the production chain.


It is well known that the technology drives digital transformation overall, it is also clear that digital media leads the field while digital natives win the battle for value creation. Media sector will continue to generate more value than any other industry apart from Technology itself.


Would Cloud and AI increase business efficiency to boost human creativity, remains yet to be seen.


However, Digital transformation is must do and actually, is not about adopting new technologies quickly but more about changing the business mindset.


Traditional companies can be winners also and Marquis Media Partners can help you transform your business better.