Strategy and Operations

Strategy and Operations

Marquis Media Partners has been working with an international broadcaster and content producer to determine the appropriate route into the UK market for its video content.

The target market focuses on a specific ethnic group which is not well served at present.

We are providing our expertise to assist the broadcaster and programme producer to address the business, operational, and technical aspects of a launch in the UK. This includes identifying service providers, the procurement and provision of technical services for linear and digital platforms including, play-out, content and reporting compliance, content management and distribution and the delivery strategy to consumers.

As part of this long-term engagement we will be helping the content provider to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements for broadcast and online content in the UK. We are also working closely with the technical and operational team to supply operational services for schedule and content management.

In addition, Marquis Media Partners is working closely with the senior management team to develop a business plan and identify revenue earning potential, build revenue forecasts, and secure and build relationships with agencies to market and monetise the content for both linear and digital platforms.

As part of our engagement we are producing a roadmap to launch and liaising on a day-to-day basis with the management team to produce a business plan to be approved by the major investor.

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