GSMA 2018

Once again Mobile World Congress has been one of the most visited global events. It has become a key attraction covering a vast range of the latest innovations in mobile, from artificial intelligence (AI) to 5G, demonstrating how mobile impacts every aspect of our lives across a variety of sectors including home and retail, transport, health and media. Brands, agencies and publishers are constantly confronted with an ever-changing digital media landscape and advancement in mobile is consistently driving change in audience behaviour. 

The media sector continues to attract global audiences and at this years’ GSMA there was no shortage of companies presenting new platforms to present and stream digital content. VR and AR has attracted a lot of attention, it is predicted the industry will become a $4bn business by 2022 so it’s no wonder there has been an entire floor of VR/AR companies and system integrators showcasing their latest implementations of creative digital technologies.  The cellular VR experience is improving immeasurably for gaming and use of 8k panoramic video shows clear potential for a fully immersive experience.

However, content strategy, and personalisation in particular, has probably been the biggest topic amongst the operators. From my conversations with numerous companies at the event it is clear the power of personalisation is this year’s key discussion. There is a huge opportunity for companies to focus on developing highly personalised and seamless video to improve the consumer experience. Personalisation enables media publishers to fulfil the growing need for locally relevant content and I see this driving vendors to be innovative in their approach to content delivery in mobile-first markets, particularly Latin America and Africa. Video-on-demand is ever more popular for coverage of high profile events and it’s inevitable that mobile data traffic will continue to grow exponentially. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2018.

Looking back at Barcelona GSMA 2018 I’m reflecting on media relevance and how broadcast has impacted every aspect of media innovation in mobile technology. Digital broadcasting has been greatly celebrated at the event, it is clear there is enormous demand from consumers and will generate long term benefits to the broadcasting industry. The move to digital broadcasting is well underway and is positively impacting major industry players such as content, service providers, mobile operators, which was widely reflected at the congress through numerous keynote speakers’ presentations.

Please visit for pictures and keynotes, with the following being my recommendation

Creating Better Content & Media

Content is continuing to undergo a significant period of disruption and acquisition, from both operators and new entrants, who see it as key to customer attraction and retention. Especially now that content can be delivered on demand, anytime, anywhere and in a range of rich formats and devices for a premium experience.                     
As operators consider whether to invest in or acquire content, we’ll look at how its role in both the wider strategies of major telcos, and the core business plan of smaller players. 
This keynote will see leading protagonists from around the world discuss how they are driving value and growth from content, the role of converged networks in its delivery, and how devices are becoming the premium engagement channel for consumers. 

Digital Change at Burda Media

While many media houses around the globe continue to struggle from the effects of digitalization and the ongoing digital advertising battle, Burda Media achieved to change from a pure media company to a tech-driven media company. Sharing from his profound experience, Stefan Winners will give listeners insights into successful strategies that fostered digital transformation at Burda Media. With the speed of innovation continuing to rise and ground-breaking technologies emerging, Stefan Winners will give his personal outlook on the opportunities and challenges in the coming years

Mars Media Group

Global performance advertising agency that takes pride in its technological orientation, innovative solutions and strong direct relationships with both Advertisers and Publishers. Mars Media Group performs in various areas in the online market world: Internet Technologies, Performance Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Affiliate Marketing are only some of our everyday activities. Mars Media Group offers comprehensive solutions and services to publishers and advertisers who wish to get top-quality results, utilizing the most powerful media channels and tools available.







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Jurgita Rhodes

Like the other Marquis partners, Jurgita had successful hands-on experience of a senior role in the broadcasting industry before she developed her skills as a consultant.  Because of this, Marquis Media Partners understand their clients’ issues in-depth and talk the same language.  The Marquis partners and their pool of more than one hundred associates also share their knowledge and experiences so that Marquis clients can be reassured that they can learn from the collected wisdom of our work with many of the best companies and broadcasters in the world.