Gafas del sol

Gafas del sol

Optimists have long been accused of wearing rose tinted spectacles.

The pace of change in our media industry is such that sunglasses are now essential. 

Google. Apple. Facebook. Amazon.

Yes, that's right. The first day of the IBC 2016 conference in Amsterdam was dominated by discussion of the strategies of the internet giants that not only dominate our industry but the world's economy. Oh, and don't forget Netflix and telcos such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and KPN.

Remember, back in the day, when we were warned that the golden age of broadcasting had been and gone? Television was dead? Well, the harbingers of doom were correct (at least in part). And in our brave new world, guess what? Content is king. No news there then?

What a refreshing start to a conference on broadcasting which, in the keynote sessions, did not feature any of the traditional broadcasters that once dominated the videoscape. And more, I felt that IBC had perhaps grasped the future in a more tangible sense than did US rival, NAB, earlier this year. A testament to the thriving European media market?

That being said, in the opening session, it was lamented that the European media market has not (yet) managed to give birth to an Airbus equivalent in the media / internet business to rival the gafas del sol. Any takers out there?

The first day ended with a fine panel session, chaired by Andrew Neil, who provoked his panel, and the audience, by challenging the current paradigm with statements such as ‘have you identified the right threat’ and ‘broadcasters have become the new Dickens in the digital world’. Throughout the day we heard much about the influence of the ’millennials’ on patterns of media consumption and the targeting of advertising. Again, Neil mixed it up by proclaiming that ‘millennials don’t have any money’

In the same session, Susanna Dinnage urged us to take off our sunglasses and proclaimed that 'Discovery kills Facebook'.  

The thread throughout the day?

It’s about the content, the content, and the content.

In a world that is changing by the minute, are you ready to transform your business, your way of thinking? 

We are ready to work with you, to challenge your thinking and make change happen. 

Lets’ talk about it.


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Last modified on 08 September 2016
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