Mad Men, Mobile and Media

Mad Men, Mobile and Media

'The premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide and an unparalleled platform to meet, address and learn from 55,000+ of the most engaged power brokers, press and prospects in international electronic media and entertainment’ 

At least that is how the IBC describes the international broadcasting conference held each year in Amsterdam.

This year’s opening Keynote ’Mad Men, Mobile and Media’ promises, if not Don Draper, to pick up where NAB left off back in April. The rhetoric has a distinctly familiar ring to it ‘monetisation, content creation and distribution are all adapting to the rampant growth of mobile, connected, personal devices coupled to rising consumer power’

The explosive growth of online, and increasingly, mobile consumption of content by a generation that simply does not get the restraints and shackles of an analogue world is no longer a future challenge. It’s the present, the paradigm in which we now live and work. Are you ready for that? 

Will the reality of this year’s conference sessions live up to the hype and rhetoric? Will we learn something new, something that might change the way we go about our business? 

Will you be in Amsterdam at IBC 2016 and taking part in the debate? If so, we would love to meet you. Get in touch and let’s talk about transformation. Let’s talk about how we can help you change your business, to seize the opportunity presented by the brave new world that IBC promises to reveal.

And each day, check back here to read my (possibly) irreverent daily reports on whether the rhetoric and hype are matched by reality.

Let’s talk soon.


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Last modified on 06 September 2016
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