Analyze this

Analyze this

Be careful what you tweet.

Or, at least be careful what you tweet if you are a consultant, visit the IBM stand at the NAB Show, and hand over your twitter ID, in front of thousands of other people.

I was not so careful and, within seconds, a detailed analysis of my twitter behaviour was revealed on the screen in front of my (and many other) eyes. It was not pretty. 

The results were illuminating, not least to my fellow Marquis Partner who, frowning, began to make careful notes.

The serious point to this cautionary tale is that data, big data, is transforming the media world. 

I have written here before about the need to produce immersive and engaging content. For a generation with limited attention spans. Watching video on mobile screens. Buzzing from one clip to another. Often staying for a fraction of a second.

This environment requires a pact between the content provider and the consumer. A Faustian pact perhaps? The race to deliver personalised, immersive and engaging content demands access to data, yours and mine, his and hers, and theirs. And a lot of it.

Later in the day, Paul Peterman, Facebook, reminded us that up to 90% of video consumption by teenagers is on the screen of their mobile.  It is their primary screen. And 100 million hours of video are consumed per day. Each clip watched often only for a few seconds.

When that data is gathered and analysed, the results are often counter-intuitive and defy our pre-conceived, or received, ideas.

Handing over that data allows us to watch, and analyse, every swing of a golf club, helps coaches assess the aptitude of potential basketball team members, delivers pin-point weather forecasts, allows precision-guided rights management and delivers carefully targeted advertising.

The concept of broadcasting is changing. The media consumer, now behind the camera, is not munching chips passively on the sofa.

Is your business ready for this? What kind of organisation do you need to deliver the power and reach of water-cooler television and at the same time offer up the rich, personalised and engaging content that's now in demand?

A final note, for today, the time between reading about what seems to be science fiction, and its implementation, is shrinking rapidly.

The future may seem uncertain. But it is rich with possibility and opportunity.

Let’s talk about what it means for your business.


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Last modified on 20 April 2016
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